Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Music Video - History Influence

Chase and Status - Blind Faith 

A music video directed by Daniel Wolfe.
The concept of this video goes back to the Acid House youth subculture, with illegal raves in warehouses, 24 hour party people and an insight to The North back in the mid 1980's.
The target audience that this music video is aimed at is those who were involved in this time, who remember and can relate to the fashion, the music, and the general atmosphere of the illegal raves. The target audience also has a secondary audience, that of the younger generation, who enjoy this music, and through the video learn the history of the music genre, and possibly be inspired to re-create.

Unlike music videos in a similar genre, in which performance videos are just the gigs of the band, like magnetic man, this video is semi-documentary, and is centred around the people who go to the raves, and that is then reflective of the band and their style of music.

 “Daniel spent five days in Manchester street-casting himself, going to night spots where he’d find the right people,” explains Tim Francis. “Everyone there at the rave was invited.” In fact, the production put on their own rave at a Manchester warehouse that was quite an event in itself, featuring legendary DJs who made their names at the time – including Slip Mat, Crowhead and Matt Ward – as well as Chase & Status. “It was like a proper revival night,” says Tim. “And the response we got was that it was the best party that Manchester had seen in a while.” [promonews]

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