Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Re-Drafting of Street Scene

After considering filming the scene in which the male role hands out leaflets to passers-by, giving information about the rave that night, we realised that we would need even more extras, different to those in the house, but around the same age group and we were struggling to get definite numbers.
An alternative would have been to put up posters, however with the rave being an 'illegal rave' it wouldn't be very realistic.

 {Axwell - I Found You}

So instead, we have come up with the idea that when the central protagonist gets into the car, he will send a text out to a load of people; this will be shot through over the shoulder shots and close ups.
This also gives us the opportunity to film people receiving the text, creating some shot variety.

Whilst filming on Sunday, we filmed two different ideas, firstly the original idea of our central protagonist walking around the streets, but when we saw the footage it looked very jumpy because of the snorricam, so we came up with an alternative idea on the day, of having our lead role skateboarding with the snorricam, which creates smoother footage, and also does not need to be sped up in editing unlike the walking footage, as that was one  long take in which nothing exciting really happened.

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