Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Equipment for the shoot

     We have been focusing on planning the rave scene at the end of the music video, as it involves a lot of planing in terms of lighting, special lenses, which can create verisimilitude to the scene to make it look like a real rave.
    We have come up with a location, a place suitable for what we need - an open space in which cars can park for use of headlights and there is enough space for people, but not too much so that it looks like there isn't enough people. There are trees surrounding the car park, which links into our original idea of having a rave in the woods, but there was a problem with lighting the scene.

    Here is a list of equipment we will be using on the rave shoot.
    • HD Camcorder
    • Fish-eye Lens
    • Homemade snorricam [Made by Callum Moreman]
    • Car headlights
    • Portable strobe lights
    • Tripod

    The idea behind using the SnorriCam was influenced by a variety of films that I have watched, such as Requiem for a Dream,  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Kidulthood and Adulthood. The use of the SnorriCam, a device which is mounted onto the body of the person being filmed, which keeps the actor in the same place of the frame, making them appear not to move, but the surroundings moves instead.
    Commonly used as a distortion effect, when something has happened in the film which has had a dramatic affect on the character, and the camera remains as a closeup of their face, showing all emotions and as the surroundings of them blur and distort, the viewer is left with an unusual viewing. 
       However in the section which we want to use the SnorriCam, it isn't as such a negative, claustrophobic sense towards the central protagonist, but instead we aim to have it show his emotions whilst walking to meet his friend, which to fit the song, will be up beat and happy. 
    If this idea does not work, we will just use the SnorriCam in the rave scene, to show the effect of the music on the people, as they are centered and unaware of their surroundings, engrossed in the music.
    For our new idea of having a skateboarding scene as opposed to walking. We are still using the Snorricam in this sequence, along with cut away long shots.
    We have also decided to use the Snorricam at the rave scene, to signify the central protagonist being drunk, used when walking up stairs to the bedroom with the girl.

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