Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Planning our shoots

In preparation for filming our music video, we needed to get a group of people, around our age, willing to come to the rave scene and be the crowd. 
The easiest way to get people to know, and to be able to update them quickly and easily is through Facebook.
By creating an event for our shoot, we have been able to select people, and see if they are willing to help out. 
I created the event last night, and so far have 21 people confirmed, which hopefully overtime might increase to get a larger crowd of people at our rave.

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  1. Not dissimilar to crowdsourcing:
    i think Hammer films returned recently with a zombie flick filmed at a music festival, a sim if larger scale approach

    dear me - you're on US time still and you've still got word verification set to on - get it off