Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Filming Locations

Our music video consists of 3 parts.

The Opening
The music video starts at the morning after a house party.
Our chosen location is at my house, and rooms involved will be bedroom, stairs, kitchen, living room and then leaving through the front door.
This location will contain a lot of props and mise en scene, to give verisimilitude that there was a house party there. To create this look we will have empty bottles of alcohol scattered around the place, cigarette packets, clothes, people, and such like.

The Middle
After leaving the house, our central protagonist will walk up the street to meet his friend.
The idea behind this middle section is linking the night before to what is about to follow, which shows his party lifestyle.
In this sequence, we will be using a snorricam to capture the lead role on his journey, with cuts into different angles giving some shot variation.
{SnorriCam (also chestcambodymount camerabodycam or bodymount) is a camera device used in filmmaking that is rigged to the body of the actor, facing the actor directly, so when he walks, he does not appear to move, but everything around him does.}{Wiki}

The Ending
The final location for our music video is in a woodland car park area. We needed a location in which is accessible by cars, in order to use car headlights to light up our scene that will be at night.
The place we found gives us quite a wide space, as well  as street lights and trees surrounding the space in order to create a place to hold our rave.
 Mise en scene in this sequence will be the rave equipment, alcohol, people. 
We have purchased 2 portable strobe lights, which should be effective to create a rave affect with people, holding the strobe above the camera whilst filming. 
We have also decided to use a fisheye lens, to create a sense of distortion to individuals as they are 'raving'. 

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