Wednesday, 19 January 2011


After brainstorming ideas for our own digipak, Emma and I came up with the idea of having an animated digipak, instead of using photography. This gives us the opportunity to develop our skills with I.T. and design, as well as linking with the Gorillaz theme of animation.

We thought about having the front cover with a young looking person with a huge speaker, which incorporates the 'Soulchild' remix into the digipak design.

I have drawn out two ideas and scanned them into the computer. Using an editing program to create a graphic version of the front cover, if it looks good we will use one of them, if not we will go back and re-design or instead look at a different style for our digipak.

Here is one design, in the middle of being edited.

Slightly different but same concept, this design stands out more

Since the digipak is for an album rather than single, we have taken out the soulchild remix on the front cover, however we may incorporate that on the inside of the digipak along with other references to different songs.
This is our first draft of our front cover.

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