Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Band Convergence

For a new upcoming band to be able to have a budget to cover costs such as music video production, design and production of digipak and advertisement; sometimes it is cheaper for the band to do it themselves.

An example of this is Modestep.
A band which has been together for about 2 years, in the relatively new genre [to the mainstream] of dubstep.
Their music video [which I linked to in an earlier post about influences] was created by the band themselves. They thought up of the concept of the music video they wanted for their song, and asked people to get involved, without being paid, to help create the music video.
The director was their friend, a film student who studied at Sheffield Hallam, Dave Bispham; They edited the video themselves, and all the budget involved came out of their own pocket.
To say this music video is completely their own, without 'professionals' being involved, I think it is a successful video in the start of this bands up coming.

The band also does a lot of its own advertising; as one of the band members has previously worked in advertising, they have been able to use their own knowledge and skills to get the band to their target audience.
The have a weekly online radio show, their own YouTube channel, a Facebook page, as well as being linked to a Dubstep page on facebook which gives fans links to new artists and songs. Myspace page [myspace is well known for its music base.] They have created their own website and Blog, Free Tracks/Mixtapes, Free Stickers, basically viral marketing, using social networking and the internet to spread the band profile by fans and word of mouth.

Here is a behind the scenes of their music video which is featured on their myspace.

Modestep - Feel Good (Behind The Scenes)

Modestep | Myspace Music Videos

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