Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WeWow on the Music Industry & DigiPaks

[ a speaker from WeWow came in to tell us about the advances in 
distribution of album and singles in the music industry.]

Here are some brief notes made throughout the talk

  • Jewel case is made from Polycarbonate, an increase of 15% in production costs makes it more expensive
  • There has been a recent increase in downloads
  • WeWow aim to reduce the cost of production
    • 50% decrease of polycarbonate
    • 50% decrease in production energy
  • Digipak -
    • Paper-Frame tray - 100% recycleable
    • Bio-lise tray - 100% bio degradable
  • Cost effective packaging + cost effective production = low pricing
  • Cheap disk production 
    • 17p per disk when producing thousands
    • 4p per pack when producing millions
  • Machine produced digipaks to keep cost and time low. 
  • Jewel case = cheaper than digipak, but less environmentally friendly
  • Main suppliers of digipaks are Amazon

How digipak idea came about
  • Sony media produce a lot of music
  • They decided to reduce their carbon emissions
    • Decrease by 30% by 2015
  • They figured that Jewel case was not sustainable
  • Digipak will become less expensive to produce over time

Digipaks are just as creative in imagery as a jewel case.
WeWow charges £65 - £85 per hour for design, cheaper than competition
Digipaks are popular for retro-looks, some older record labels prefer.

Wow Spiral
  • good for promotional casing 
  • cheap giveaways
  • production costs for 50 would be 70p
    • 60% mark up on packagaing
    • 30% mark up on disk

Window Wallet
  • Printed before
  • Booklet and disk added by band
    • which makes it cheaper
  • costs around £200 for 50 disks and 50 wallets.

Keane - Hopes and Fears album was available jewel case or limited edition digipak release, with around 10,000 digipak copies available.

Roll Fold DigiPak for 2 disks or more
VCD - video CD involves album tracks and a music video. popular in large releases, no extra cost.
LancingPak - Digipak without a tray
Design should flow throughout the digipak, with images etc.

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