Tuesday, 18 January 2011

EG - Music Video Final Idea

Music Video Final Idea

Beth and I have discussed and drafted the final idea from her original pitch for the music video for the Gorillaz track '19/2000 (Soulchild remix)'

The opening scene will be set in a house, including mise en scene which should signify a house party the previous night. The idea we chose has derived from teenage dramas such as 'Skins' and 'Misfits'. We chose these programmes as inspiration as they are aimed toward a youth audience of a similar age to the audience of the genre for the gorillaz remix which is dance, hip hop, electro etc. Other aspects of the video such as the 'Rave' scene have also been inspired by such outdoor raves which have featured in these youth programmes. However it isn't just youths who watch these programmes, for example, shameless which is relatively realistic portrayal of council estate life and youth is a big hit with older audiences as well. In hope of drawing in a wider audience range we could take aspects from this type of programme also so that original gorillaz fans who may be slightly older than the typical 15-24 age bracket will still find our music video product appealing.

We will include establishing shots of people laid out on the floor, possible with things on top of the or drawn onto their skin. As well as this we will include close ups of the mise en scene for example, empty spirit bottles, etc. All or most of this will be shots which come before the song intro begins.

We have then decided to have the introduction to the song coincide with a close up shot of a phone ringing. We have an idea for the male central protagonist to answer this phone and subsequent shots will be mostly of him as he gets up and leaves the house, as well as cut away shots of various things around the house.

We want our central protagonist to lip sync some of the lyrics in the song. Other lyrics such as the second line 'I'm buying that Nike shoes' will matched the narrative and feature him putting on his 'Nike dunks'.

We need to hold some castings to choose our central protagonist. So far we have no preference on appearance just somebody who is willing to work hard and be reliable.

Following the scene within the house our central protagonist will take out some flyers and dance along the street outside. This will mean using extras to fill the role of pedestrians. Our narrative plot follows the protagonist as he meets two friends as the set up to hold the 'rave' in the woods. This will include some car shots. Throughout the central protagonist will lip sync the lyrics, though we may cut a few shots of other characters lip syncing as well to add some variety.

Finally we will film the 'rave' scene which will include typical performance shots, such as close ups and long shots of the crowds dancing. As well as this we will include the typical shots of the performer which in this case will be the DJ. Therefore we may need to find methods to create smooth panning shots and also low angled shots the make the DJ appear bigger. We could take inspiration for these performance shots from other performance videos of a dance genre, for example the 'I Need Air' single by Magnetic Man. However one downside to having a 'rave' video is that many include strobe lighting which we may find it difficult to get hold of. Also it would only work during night hours and as we don't have the equipment such as lighting for night conditions we will probably be unable to shoot during the night. We would also find it difficult to draw in enough extras to create a crowd of this size despite having picked a location which has the capacity to hold them.

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