Thursday, 27 January 2011

Revised Idea

Whilst in the final stages of planning our shoot on Sunday, we realised that our rave scene was dependent on the weather. As a factor that we can not control, and a tight deadline, we have had to re-think our idea.

Fortunately we have come up with a new idea for a rave at the end of the music video.
Instead of being outside, with having uncontrollable weather factors, issues with setting up in the light and waiting until dark to film, set up a generator for electricity, in a location that is quite hard to get to without a car; alternatively we can film in my house, in the basement room, which is a standard sized room, so can easily be filled with people, has electricity and easily controlled lighting, can be done any time and hopefully will be easy to get to for extras in our music video.

We now have two choices:

  1. Abandoned Hospital. There is a near by abandoned hospital, which could be used for the outside setting, and then the basement which we film in, we make it look like the rave is in the abandoned hospital by cut away shots of the outside and a few people around it, but have the ease of being able to film in an environment we can control. Like the previous idea, the central protagonist will go from the house party he wakes up at, on a journey and ends up at this abandoned hospital.
  2. Non-linear music video. Have the music video start with the morning after the house party, and as the central protagonist wakes up, he is dazed as to how he got there... Then the music video goes into how he got to that situation, which would be the street and car scenes as previously planned, and the ending will be the house party of which he woke up from. Ending on him crashing out on the bed his wakes up from at the beginning of the music video.  

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