Monday, 27 September 2010

Weekly homework: video 2 and 3

Jack Johnson - Hope


A performance video, which is different to the common performance, in which it isn't a live performance on stage, but instead in a house, with a few people with instruments and Jack Johnson singing and playing his guitar.
The filming seems to be done on a hand held camera, which gives a documentry, realistic feel to the music video, rather it being heavily planned, the shots seem to have been taken on the spot, with camera zoom sometimes replacing close up cuts.
Shot length is quite long, which matches the music, as it isn't a fast paced heavy beat, but instead a much more chilled out song, and the cuts tend not to change specifically to the beat. 
The choice of black and white simplifies the music video, and creates the music to be the main focus. It also gives a much more arty style to the video, as it simply the band playing the song.

Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life

(unable to embed)

With this video, Friendly Fires have gone for another performance type video, with instead of them being in a gig situation, they are located in a foreign country, possibly Africa, with 3 band members and a line of what looks like a mixture of cultural people, with gold masks covering their face and in bright tribal clothing, with bongo drums. The video consists of a variety of shots of the band members and the people, close ups, long shots, low angles, slow motion, etc. The editing cuts to the beat change.
Even though the video isn't directly linked to the lyrics of the song, I think it suits the musical side, with the bongo drums and cowbells, the idea of culture and in a desert location works well.

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