Friday, 24 September 2010

Favourite Videos & The Consumption of Music Video

Here is a selection of some of my own personal favourite music videos:

I like the simplicity of this video based around the drummer. I think it has some really good shot variation, cutting from long shots to close ups of people and the drum kit. It's a mixture between concept and performance, showing the intensity of the drummer throughout the song. Another video from the Arctic Monkeys is also a favourite.

'When The Sun Goes Down' is a more narrative music video for Arctic Monkeys, following a female character, relating the video to the song and its lyrics. I like the way the video is filmed, showing the story of a couple, in what seems a quite social realism film genre. It has the look of a trailer, with the song as a soundtrack as opposed to a music video, which is against the common conventions of an indie rock music video, which is mainly performance with some concept or narrative to it.

Axwell - I Found U, is another favourite video of mine. A music video for the dance genre, which opposes common conventions of half naked girls dancing infront of camera, and instead is a music video which takes a basic idea of the love of dancing, which suits the song for its beat and its lyrics.

I really like some of the editing and cuts to the beat in the video for The Source Ft. Candi Station - You've Got The Love. The variety of shots, from close up, to long shots to extreme close ups works nicely in the black and white music video.

The consumption of music video 

has changed over the years, from a time in which top of the pops was the main consumption of music on television before the 80's, to MTV launching in the 80s [see post: The videos that changed the 80's]. Now it is more uncommon for a band not to create a music video to promote their singles, as there are various ways in which music videos are consumed. 
Through television, MTV and a vast increase in Music Channels are available on satellite television, showing different genres of music, from The Box being a selection of recent releases and top hits, to Kerrang, a magazine and television channel that dedicates itself to the heavy metal and rock genre. 

The ever advancing technologies of the internet also provide a base for music videos. From YouTube, possibly the largest online collection of various videos. YouTube allows people to find official music videos, remakes of music videos as well as peoples own creations.   
Other websites such as Yahoo and, which make it easy to find official music videos online have increased the audience for music videos, as it is possible to search for the videos the viewer wants to watch, rather than have the television channel decide what videos are being played.
The internet is not only available on computers, but on mobile phones, on Ipods, Ipads, and other similar devices, making it almost available at any time. 

This wide consumption of online music videos also makes it much easier for viral marketing. 
Through word of mouth, fans of similar genres, or artists can discuss and link to music videos over the internet; through forums or social networks. Therefore a band can gain valuable free marketing through uploading their music videos onto the internet, and letting the fan base spread the video and song. 

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