Thursday, 3 March 2011

Role of Audience Feedback

 Audience feedback has been an important part in developing our production.
When watching our first rough cut to our final rough cut, it is clear that we have been influenced by some of our audience feedback.
Whilst editing, it is difficult to have a refreshed look on the production, therefore it is helpful for an outsiders views on how the video works on the whole, and help influence new ideas, whether it be editing or re-shoots.
We've received feedback through our classmates and other sixth form students, as well as some feedback through facebook.

From our rough cuts on YouTube

Target audience discussion on our Magazine advert and Digipak
The other students in our media class, who had not previously been shown our axillery texts, were shown the rough drafts and we had a discussion on their effectiveness as promoting the band, and how they could be improved.

Audience Feedback on Magazine Advert and Digipak from Beth Cooper on Vimeo.

Target audience watching our final cut
We gathered some media students from our class, as well as other sixth form students who don't take media, and majority who have not seen, or been involved in the making of our production, to get their feedback on our final cut.

Audience Feedback on our Final Cut from Beth Cooper on Vimeo.

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