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Gorillaz Album Art

Formed in 1998, Gorillaz' first album came out in 2001. Named Gorillaz, their first album consisted of some of there most well known tracks.

Their first album is a graphic image of the band in the same 'geep' as featured in the 19/2000 music video. The album art is simple, with just the car on the white background and the band name tagged in graffiti, and the parent advisory.

The back cover
features graffiti, one of the band members and the album tracks.
This emphasises the street
style of Gorillaz.

Special Digipak edition:

In 2002, Gorillaz released the compilation G-Sides.
As a  'B-Sides' Collection to their first album, featuring the additional tracks from their first three singles and the Tomorrow Comes Today EP.
This is the album in which 19/2000 SoulChild Remix first came out on, as the first song on the album.
All versions have the same cover, featuring Noodle with a skeleton doll in her hand, except for the Canadian, Japanese and Australian versions.   [Wiki]

There is similar aspects between this album cover and their previous, such as the graffiti style writing on Gorillaz, and the cover featuring all the band members, even though there is the one that is in the foreground.

The back cover has a similar style, featuring the band, city buildings and graffiti.

Laika Come Home is another compilation released in 2002.
It isn't a typical remix album, and instead of having variety of artists remixing the songs, is done by just one group, Spacemokeyz.
The album contains most of the songs from Gorillaz' first album, but remixed in a dub and reggae style.

In 2004, the album was packaged with 2001 Gorillaz in a limited edition box set as part of EMI's "2CDs Originals" collection.

The album cover is different to the usual artwork of Gorillaz, the imagery is of a space monkey, on the background of a map of the stars, edited with text such as 'Spacemoney versus Gorillaz'.
There is also a sticker added on to this version, in which some images of the album art work don't have. The sticker gives an insight into the album, with the band, remixers, a brief description and other artists that it features.

Demon Days is the second studio album, released in 2005.
The album cover is reference to Let it Be by The Beatles.
Featuring all 4 members, and moving away from the graffiti band title, but staying quite simple in the imagery.

A little bit different to the front cover, not so simplistic. There is the element of graffiti that is recurring in their album art, as well as the band members. 

Like G-Sides to Gorillaz; D-Sides is the B-side album to Demon Days.
Released in 2007, D-Sides contains remixes and B-side tracks.

'Have a look at this exclusive image of the contents of the D-Sides deluxe package below! In one of Gorillaz most spectacular packages yet, there are plenty of goodies to be had with this 2-disc set. In addition to fantastic new images from longtime Gorillaz friend and collaborator Jamie Hewlett, the amazing box also features a patch and more new stickers! Also note that the release date of D-Sides has been amended to 19th November in the UK and 20th November in the USA.' [Gorillaz fan blog]

The third studio album, released in 2010 is their most recent album, Plastic Beach.
Comparing to their first album cover, Plastic Beach seems a more graphically animated image as opposed to the simple graphics of the band members.
They also have used different text type to the graffiti style.

The Fall was released on the 25th December 2010, as a free download on the Gorillaz website, exclusively to fans in the band's Sub-Division fan club.
The entire album was recorded on Damon Albarn's Apple Ipad, during part of their World Tour. Plans have been announced for the album to get a physical release, scheduled for April 2011.

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