Monday, 14 March 2011

Digipak Design

Our first draft of our digipak:
After audience feedback, giving areas to improve on, such as more colour themes to link it with our magazine advert, we have produced our final digipak.

There are some obvious changes we have made, such as flipping the bottom half design, as the previous had the speaker as the back cover, and the track listing was on the inside. We have also added more of the colour theme and shading on the lettering to be  more similar to the magazine advert and continue the theme. The text has changed on the back of the digipak, making it easier to read, 'stencil' font, to link in with the graffiti style. The conventional details are also added to the back of the digipak, such as record company logos, copyright information and barcode, to create verisimilitude of it being a real digipak.
The addition of the spray cans was an idea from audience feedback, and was place on the side which would be the spread in the middle of the digipak where the CD and DVDs will be, to include some imagery on that side aswell.
Overall I am happy with this design, as I think it is suitable for our brand image, and is eye catching and different to the common digipak design.

We have designed a sticker to go on the digipak, promoting the special edition and 'featuring 19/2000 soulchild remix music video'.
The design background was taken from the original digipak design, from the speaker, and text added. This creates a sticker that matches with the theme of the digipak, but also stands out with the text, which also links in with the colour theme of the digipak and magazine advert.

Here is our final digipak design.

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  1. i really like this, it goes with the whole "image" of the band and the genre so therefore it will appeal to the audience, it stands out, which will grab peoples attention in shops.

    the theme is the same throughout your digipak which works really nicely, and it is quite quirky and cool, the writing is relaxed, great work xxxxxxx