Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rough Cut Audience Feedback

Our rough cut was shown to the other media class during their lesson. 
We weren't there to give a brief synopsis of our rough cut, nor tell them what was missing, or footage that was simply there to give an example of what actual shots will be replacing.
So based on minimul background knowledge of our music video, here is the feedback:

  • Fish-eye transition random, needs re-doing. FX on shots v. good
  • Sitting in the kitchen drinking is a bit slow - go straight to party?
  • Like the party bit, but flickering too fast. Needs more exageration and bizarness
  • Like the FX and shot variation. Editing needs to be quicker
  • In car - unsure of lipsyncing? looked like its supposed to be
  • Lipsyncing, done right, would work. should be more. Fish-eye disguesed emptiness of rave setting.
  • Blurred motion FX - more of this would be good. Fish-eye really like and strobe works very well.
  • Flows well, like the linear narrative. 

Regarding suiting our target audience, here is the feedback they gave:
  • Also good, but some a bit empty, unrealistic.
  • Yes, some fast shots, cellar shots v good. - but some too slow
  • A bit too slow, especially at the beginning Some framing - head out of shot
  • Yes, theme works
  • Yes , can relate to it. I see it happening.
  • Works for TA, especially for students, not younger school ones though
  • Yes, because of youth rebellion lifestyle
  • as 18 - 24 it works, tho also appropriate for 15 - 17 audience.

Following our target audience, we aim to re-shoot and improve the following:
  • Hopefully re-shoot some rave scenes, using fish-eye. - have strobe underneath camera to try and light up more of the face. 
  • Link up the fish-eye and normal scenes better - esp. when going from rave to Callum and Vicky going upstairs. 
  • Film the car scenes - lip sync.
  • Again, noone picked up on the T-shirt change at the beginning - but still want to re-shoot.
  • Maybe more, quick shots of drinking in the kitchen. - if not, speed up in editing  

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