Monday, 13 December 2010

Gorillaz Case Study

After the classes pitches, Emma and I decided to work together on my idea of Gorillaz '19/2000' (soulchild Remix). We will now research our chosen artist further, finding out the bands history, what genre and style the band has.

Gorillaz was created in 1998 by the British musician Damon Albarn and British cartoonist Jamie Hewlett.
Their unique selling point is the collaboration of Gorillaz music itself, along with an extensive fictional universe of a 'virtual band' of comic book characters. The story of how the virtual band came about is on one of the fan websites.
The four virtual band members consist of:


Bass Guitarist 


Guitarist and Keyboard


Drummer & Rapper


Keyboard and Lead Vocals

Their style is a composition of multiple musical genre, with a large influences including dub, hip hop, alternative rock, electronic and pop music.
'Gorillaz', the bands debut album sold over 7 million copies; They were nominated for Mercury Prize 2001, but the nomination was later withdrawn at the bands request.
'Demon Days' is the bands second album, released in 2005, went 5 times platinum in the UK, double platinum in the US, earned 5 Grammy Award nominations for 2006 and won 1 in the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category.
Gorillaz have also released 2 B-sides compilations and a remix album. The combined sales of 'Gorillaz' and 'Demon Days' had, by 2007, exceeded 20 million albums.
Recently released in 2010, 'Plastic Beach' is Gorillaz' latest album.

{World Exclusive interview - Gorillaz on Plastic Beach. XFM.}

Gorillaz are under the record label Parlophone, a subsidiary of EMI. Parlophone is EMI's oldest active label. In 1962, Parlophone sighned The Beatles, which soon turned Parlophone into one of the worlds most famous and prestigious record labels.

"Damon Albarn and his Britpop-era flatmate, graphic artist Jamie Hewlett's cartoon creation turned into one of the pop success stories of the year. Gorillaz slunk into the public consciousness with Clint Eastwood, a laid-back groove with an addictive nursery rhyme chorus that became a worldwide hit single. The subsequent album was a cool fusion of hip hop beats, garage rock and funky melodies. The band proceeded to play gigs from behind a curtain - the scamps! - while the album continues to sell by the Jeep-load."   - Q Review - Best of 2001

"19/2000 (Soulchild Remix) became popular after being featured in both an Ice Breakers Commercial, as well as in EA Sports' FIFA Football 2002" {wiki}

"It's sick and it's wrong and you know it, but you will love the new Gorillaz single after hearing it on the radio and will buy it and clasp it to your bosom, and only then realise that it was that capricious harlot, The Sexalicious Dance Remix, who seduced you. Damn her cruel charms! Ah well. Shrug and admit it. Yes, I confess I bumped till the break o'dawn with the curvy, brash and bouncy '19/2000 (Soulchild Remix)', enticing as the distant pinkle of an ice-cream van and sounding like Len's 'Steal My Sunshine' times ten. And I left '19/2000 (Original Mix)' sitting at the bar, sulking credibly in a slow-groove cardigan. Funny though, the more of a grumpy bastard Damon becomes, the more joyous and carefree his falsetto pogos get. Smile, you git. That thing with the remix - it didn't mean anything to us. We still love you. We won't do it again. Honest."  - Play Louder Review 

"Gorillaz have topped a list of the most popular acts on MySpace this year, ahead of the likes of Coldplay, Oasisand Lily Allen." {NME}

In the USA's Top Albums For 2001, Gorillaz' album 'Gorillaz' came 93rd.
In the Australian Top Albums For 2001, their 'Gorillaz' album came 43rd, and their single 'Clint Eastwood' came 74th.
In Austria's Top Albums for 2001, the same album came in 10th, and single 'Clint Eastwood' arrived at 15th.
Ireland had 'Clint Eastwood' at 32 in their singles chart for 2001.
This suggests the beginning of a world wide success for Gorillaz, as the year of their first album got them high rankings in the charts in various countries.

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